California Love

19th Nov 2022, 9:27 AM in Extras
California Love
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19th Nov 2022, 9:27 AM
"During the war, it was common to see people of all social classes fighting together for what they believed in. My group picked up this kid from South Central during the battle of LA, guy's name was Terrance. We had to give him a looted shotgun when we met him, but he pulled his own just fine. Apparently separatists had killed his family with a grenade dropped from a drone, so he came to us in the dead of night and demanded to join up. We weren't any sort of official outfit, most of us were either formerly enlisted or just civilians with kit. Hernandez had been a Latin King before all this, so we obviously expected drama between him and Terry, but they kept it professional.'

I've been dealing with a lot of IRL stuff lately, mainly trying to get a set of rims for my truck. Previous owner had cheap chinesium ebay special chromes on it when I bought it and I just got a set of 3 OEM wheels. I might start putting stuff out just to kill the draught that's been going on here, since I've got a lot of material stocked up.