Technical Assistance

8th Aug 2022, 3:53 PM in Extras
Technical Assistance
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8th Aug 2022, 3:53 PM
As a part of Russia's 'Eksport' technical assistance package, BM21 GRAD MLRS systems are being delivered to Cascadia in limited numbers. These missile launcher systems will likely be shipped east to the Idaho line, where they will be used to attack Freedom emplacements from long range. This program, drafted by the leaders of the two nations, has been criticized by other union nations for inviting foreign influence into the union. Despite this, President Sunderland has maintained that Russia and Cascadia's relationship is not threat to any other nations. "We needed money to rebuild after the war, Russia stepped up and offered us humanitarian aid and military assistance. If needing a helping hand is a damnable offense, then I humbly apologize to my fellow Union states."

Russian military officials have criticized Cascadia's lack of action in Idaho as 'ignorant, harmful inaction', prompting many analysts to believe that Russia may pursue action in North America to protect their interests in Cascadia. Especially now that NATO ground assets have been confirmed by many sources to be in the area of operations.

Foreign influence in the New Union is not unheard of. The New California Republic accepted a similar offer from the East Asian Federation in order to rebuild their wartorn nation and strengthen their weakened military. Tensions between Russia and the EAF have led to a kind of 'Proxy Cold War' on the California/Cascadia border.


hehe cascadian cops now have a cohesive uniform design.


8th Aug 2022, 5:35 PM
Man that would suck to be at the friction point between Russia and a re-emergent NATO-

Yeah I’ll just shut up and sit down now
8th Aug 2022, 5:37 PM