The Chernenko Syndicate

1st Jul 2022, 10:43 AM in Extras
The Chernenko Syndicate
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1st Jul 2022, 10:43 AM
Judith Chernenko's criminal enterprise controls Cascadia's information black market with an iron fist. Hailing from Mariupol, Ukraine, Chernenko served the government of Ukraine for years as an intelligence analyst until she fled the country when the new Russian forever war turned her hometown into a pile of rubble. Seeking revenge and riches, Chernenko found herself in the newly established nation of Cascadia. Getting in on the ground floor of organized crime, she quickly built a reputation as a ruthless and uncompromising leader.

Dealing mostly in intelligence gathering for other crime groups, the CS also accepts contracts from NGOs from around the world with a vested interest in stopping Russian expansion. The actions of the CS resulted in the assassination of a Russian pharma oligarch who had deliberately invented a highly addictive synthetic stimulant called 'White Stag', along with the destruction of Pangea Pharmaceuticals by SBU operatives.