VICE NEWS: The Fight For Idaho - Episode 4/27 "The Tourists"

6th May 2022, 12:00 PM in Extras
VICE NEWS: The Fight For Idaho - Episode 4/27 "The Tourists"
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6th May 2022, 12:00 PM
"We're working toward a common goal here, and I'm very happy to be a part of this whole thing", he said, taking a drag from his marlboro. The twentysomething conflict journalist with the coke bottle glasses did nothing but stare at the man as the crack of gunfire boomed and echoed off the buildings around them. Pulling the cigarette to his lips once more, 'Pig' glanced around before continuing; "You know, I got a free gun when I got here. Hard to believe, I know -but they just handed it to me! Magazines and all! It's a Galil, Israeli. I may try smuggling this home once this is all over." The reporter merely nods, unable to articulate an appropriate response to the events occurring in front of him. Pig was one of God's stranger creations -an enigma that could not be understood by mere men.

I put a friend into the comic. It is now canon that my British buddy is running around scavenging cool guns and fucking with reporters during the continuing collapse of American society.

I'm also sorry that you're not getting a proper update this week. Gmod has had and update that's broken a plethora of things, including the ability to load saved sessions. Meaning whenever I load into the apartments scene to make more stuff with Arthur and Barry, the game tears itself asunder and the pits of hell open. By that, I mean that their clothes refuse to couple to their rigs, meaning there's just a bunch of floating jackets and stuff all over the place. Hopefully they get this figured out, or I figure out a workaround that doesn't consume hours of my time to implement.


6th May 2022, 1:40 PM
If language is the primary barrier for “war tourism” then god help America when open hostilities break out… guess that’ll be the final kick in the teeth from the internet age

Sorry to hear the production issues, I hope you get them resolved fast
6th May 2022, 1:56 PM
For now, Cascadia and its wild territories only really see English and Russian/Ukrainian speakers as tourists. With the NCR to the south, you'll occasionally see Chinese and Mexican nationals there on business or as legitimate tourists.

The thing with war tourism is that it attracts all sorts of weirdos from all over the world. I remember seeing Spanish, German, Swedes and Norwegians in Syria during the height of the ISIS thing. I imagine Ukraine is a cultural melting pot of violence and we're only seeing a bit of it because the big story at the moment is how well the UKR armed forces are doing. I personally know 5 Americans who went over to volunteer and provide aid, many of them being medical professionals and trade workers. Welders and ER nurses, one former SF guy.

Africa in the 60s and 70s must've been absolutely baffling. Dutch and English mercs standing with Congolese fighters.

And yeah, same. I sent a ticket to support regarding the absolute furry I felt upon loading up a scene and finding that every character now looked like a weird eldritch abomination.