USEC, Kharkiv Oblast, 2040.

21st Apr 2022, 10:11 PM in Extras
USEC, Kharkiv Oblast, 2040.
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21st Apr 2022, 10:11 PM
Two USEC contractors discuss their plan of action during a brief lull in combat. USEC's purpose in the country during the coup was primarily the extraction of Northern Petrol employees, however a sizable portion of the 200 contractors were tasked with combating pro Russian forces alongside the Ukrainian army.

The Summer Coup, as it would later be known, would last merely 3 months and would see a swift and decisive victory on behalf of the Ukrainian military. Using their newly formed NATO ties, and their hired help, the UKR military would manage to encircle and decimate the pro Russian separatists in the city of Kharkov. For the entire 3 month battle, USEC contractors recorded more than 400 confirmed EKIA, and would play an integral role in the UKR government's efforts to retake Kharkov.