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25th Feb 2022, 11:42 AM
In the summer of 2038, a fringe militia movement consisting of 70 neo-nazis and white nationalists from South Africa attempted to seize the capitol city of Harare, Zimbabwe. They failed after their command vehicle was t-boned by a delivery truck on a rural highway 15 miles outside the city. Their commander, clinging to the side of the vehicle "just like in the movies", suffered compound fractures and internal organ punctures from the impact. Distressed and demoralized, the men retreated into the bush, leaving their vehicle behind.

A year later, the disgraced militia (now going by the name of the Fruinian Independence Army) would attempt another coup. Their plan this time was to charter a helicopter from the town of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, and land on the roof of the parliament building. Unfortunately for them, the owner of the helicopter refused to allow them to board. Left without transport, the Fruinians would be forced to commandeer a vehicle from a group of seven vacationing Americans -who would later turn out to be United Security personnel. The contractors phoned some of their colleagues up the road, who were hunting wild hogs with a member of the Zimbabwean military, with information that a group of armed men were claiming they were headed to the capitol.

The hunters planned and executed an ambush that forced the Fruinians to abandon their stolen hilux and flee into the bush. As they ran from the road it was reported that one man could be heard saying "COME, MY FRIENDS! CLAIM THESE LIVES FOR THE GLORY OF FRUINIA!" before tripping over a rock and promptly being shot by every member of the hunting party.

Jason Dawes, pictured in the center, would then head back to the party's vehicle and retrieve a Barret M82A1 to "get some practice in on the .50". He set up the rifle in an elevated position and began suppressing the Fruinian men as they cowered behind the sparse cover of the bush. One man would stand up, let off a long burst from an M1A1 Thompson Submachinegun into the sky around Dawes' position before flipping him off.

"I took personal offense to this, honestly." Dawes would later say. "This pasty, gangly looking ugly motherfucker wants to flip me off? Like- come on, man. If you want smoke, at least put in the effort to be professional about it."

Dawes blew the Fruinian's head clean from his body with the .50, shocking another militiaman next to him. The fighter got up, chucked his bayonet equipped mosin nagant toward the USEC position like a spear, and proceeded to book it back toward the bush. He would be killed fifteen seconds later as Edwin Hardman (pictured to the right of the corpse with a cigar) fired his SR-25 sniper rifle through the man's chest.

Edwin, sitting in a bar in Seattle, would tell reporters:

"The dude was running like a wounded amputee with brain tremors. Serpentine pattern, back forth, back forth, but really predictably. I just held in the middle and waited for him to cross the reticle. They could've taken a few lessons from the Freedomers, honestly. At least they stay alive long enough for us to use drones on 'em."


This is a meta post. Context will be given at a later date.