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15th Feb 2022, 8:34 PM
On the morning of February 14th, 2046, multiple Russo-Cascadian media outlets received identical blank envelopes containing a flash drive. On the drive was a video that had been taken earlier in the year, showing Marcus Treadwell in a much healthier (albeit noticeably older) state than his other media appearances. He moved with little difficulty, displaying signs of an almost anomalous recovery from his previously documented state. It was speculated that his closest confidants had urged him to cut back on the amphetamine usage, however this theory is unsubstantiated as of the writing of this entry.

A transcript of the video can be found below. Note that as he speaks, the man in the background (presumably a PMC from Lambda Group) scans the forest and occasionally speaks into his shoulder mounted microphone. It is presumed that this video is shot in Idaho, and it is speculated that it was filmed on the same day that the Idaho Militia pushed across the snake river to reclaim the town of Weiser.

"I was dismayed, to say the least, when I stepped off the ramp of the B52 and onto the tarmac -only to hear gunfire and explosions throughout the valley. My eyes told my brain that this was, in fact, Salt Lake City, Utah. But if I closed my eyes, I was right back in Kabul. When I enlisted in 2009, I took an oath to safeguard this country's citizens. To protect them from the violence and bloodshed and misery, to ensure that the American way of life would persist. To ensure that my great grandchildren could take the same pride in this great nation that I did. But standing on that runway, surrounded by these scared boys... I realized that I'd already failed in my duties as a marine.

The violence was here. It was here, and it was as real is it could get. Mothers burying sons, fathers sobbing over their baby's charred bodies, my own family...Victimized by seditious fucking traitors.

Today's the anniversary... Some checkpoint, some fuckin' unlawful roadblock set up by traitors wearing my goddamn uniform. I had my wife and two kids in the car, I had left my unit a few months prior and we were headed to my mom's house in Montana. I wasn't gonna stop for some 19 year old kid in a uniform, not in the middle of the night in the middle of fucking nowhere. I did what any reasonable man would do! I dumped that pedal to the floor and took off, trying to get through.

You wanna know what my first experience with the new government was? They lit up my car and tore my wife and little girl to shreds with machine guns. They pulled me out of the car and held a gun to my head in front of my son while they looted my belongings from the trunk. When I tried to get to the car and check to see if my baby girl was okay, they shot me in the back. My son, they smacked him around something fierce but he managed to run away and hide in the woods. Once they were done, they left their little roadblock and left me sitting there in the dark, paralyzed.

They made an enemy that day. They made me hate them.

I imagine my story isn't too foreign to a lot of you out there, hearing this. If you lived in the US at the time, you likely lost someone close to you. The senseless violence we endured under the heavy hand of the separatists is still felt today. The same people who shot my wife and baby became non commissioned officers in the Cascadian Defense Force. The men and women responsible for starting the war, the turncoat politicians who sold you out to Russia and China, they occupy offices in this god forsaken shithole. We are living in a world run by people who hate us and want to reduce us to nothing. They want to kill our children, rape our land, and strip the sacrifices of those who came before us of any meaning. They'll revise history to suit their narrative and when that doesn't work, they'll put you up against a wall and shoot you with guns that weren't even manufactured here.

Do the right thing -the American thing. Kill your local Russian puppets."


15th Feb 2022, 10:23 PM
ol' iron sights, running his mouth again

if that story's even true he should've known better, having probably set up plenty of checkpoints in the 'stan
16th Feb 2022, 3:56 PM
Ole' iron sights, I dig that one a lot lol. I've also heard "Joseph Sneed", "Osama Been Boofin'" and my favorite: "These Colors Don't Run"

Gotta love shitting on him honestly