Loading Screen Artwork

21st Nov 2021, 3:52 AM in Extras
Loading Screen Artwork
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Author Notes:

21st Nov 2021, 3:52 AM
While playing around with gear and guns in game, I got the idea to make a loading screen for a hypothetical FPS version of this comic, or at least one set in the universe of it. I reckon it'd probably play exactly like insurgency sandstorm.

Also trying to give these dudes little flourishes that differentiate them from USEC or other people was a bit difficult, since these are supposed to be the top of the line bad guys. The two on the right are obviously advisors, so I gave them some updated equipment: Lightweight helmets, vest mounted blue force tracking, and a couple Remington RSASS' chambered in 6.8. Meanwhile the dudes on the left are using last generation equipment and weapons.

Expect to see a few of these guys running around. Eventually.