15th Jun 2021, 11:15 AM in Perdition
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15th Jun 2021, 11:27 AM
So we can see exactly where my PC was having issures here; Look closely.

See how there's like 3 characters in a panel, max? That's due to memory leaks crashing my PC.

I bought new RAM not too long after I made this page, which is why you'll see more shit on the next few ones.

Also, a buddy of mine got me into the Forward Observations youtube channel, which was a huge inspiration for some of the stuff that comes later. The helicopter panel was very loosely inspired by the video "Special Delivery". Go check them out if you're into cool tactical stuff.


20th Jun 2021, 11:58 PM
is that a stealthed up Blackhawk, or a "futuristic" bird, or am I just way way behind on my professional reading?
21st Jun 2021, 12:20 AM
yeah, I figured by 2045 this kind of design might've made it into mass production since the US is currently gearing toward fighting organized forces, which would mean a smaller, radar resistant chopper like the one they used to get Osama might be useful.

That and I'm tired of looking at classic blackhawks. Little tidbit; In concept stages where Cascadia had no Russian influence, they used UH1 Hueys for everything; Police, Forest Service, Military etc. I realized really quickly that -while cool-, hueys clash super hard with quad tube NVGs and suppressed MCXs lol.