15th Jun 2021, 11:15 AM in Perdition
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20th Jun 2021, 11:56 PM
in general I can't stand CGI comics

it's not that "uncanny valley" nonsense about the characters, it's the too-high resolution backgrounds or maybe the glaring mismatch between "good art" and the author's inability to follow comic conventions (i.e. good composition, word bubble placement, pacing)

but you man

you make stuff that looks like screengrabs out of a damn war movie
21st Jun 2021, 12:16 AM
I'm of the same persuasion actually lol.

I've seen people try to make comics in Arma 3, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Blender before, but they all seem to have that really unrefined look that stems from lack of control of the tools they use. Arma isn't a comic maker, GTA is a way to bleed children's parents dry with microtransactions open world crime game, Blender IS a 3d rendering program, but it requires so much power to do the volume of work necessary to make a decent looking 3d comic.

Not to pat my own ass, but the reason I think I do good with the source engine is simply familiarity. I've known this engine since I was a teenager, so the little tricks I use come as second nature. Source seems to have a really good ability to avoid uncanny valley somehow, I think it's just the way the lighting and textures work in the engine. Most Gmod or SFM stuff looks great imo.

I was told once that my comic had the art style of a 3d porn ad though, so until I forget that I'm just going to keep trying to make it look better.