United Security: Aleppo, 2036.

3rd Jun 2021, 9:45 AM in Extras
United Security: Aleppo, 2036.
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3rd Jun 2021, 9:45 AM
After the fall of the Assad regime, the nation of Syria was thrust into a brutal war between several factions vying for power. Petro monarch Yusuf Al Suleiman, a loyalist to the fallen Assad regime, sought the help of the private military company in order to restore law to the warring nation. The Free Islamic Militia (an offshoot of the defunct Islamic State) and Syrian government forces engaged in bloody skirmishes throughout the country, culminating in the siege of Aleppo during the fall of 2036.

Pictured here are a joint USEC/SGF squad, holding a machinegun nest from an FIM assault during a brutal firefight. The men in this photo would hold this position for two days, through constant attacks from small arms and improvised artillery pieces. Jason Scott (left) would receive a "Hero Of Aleppo" medal from the newly appointed president Suleiman in 2038.

Through the use of small assault elements, superior ISR capabilities, and the quick actions of the United Security PMCs, Syria gained a massive strategic advantage over the FIM. President Sunderland of the Republic of Cascadia would later call upon the operations leader of this campaign to assist in his own war on insurgency in 2045