04/06/2044: Training Exercise "Preferred Outcome"

29th May 2021, 3:26 PM in Extras
04/06/2044: Training Exercise "Preferred Outcome"
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Author Notes:

29th May 2021, 3:26 PM
Officer Samantha Adler and officer Daryl Phillips of the Seattle Police Department are seen here directly after a simulated SWAT team raid in lower Queen Anne, Seattle. Daryl Phillips is seen holding a prototype of the Cascadian's AK variant chambered in 7.62x39, and Samantha is seen with what would later become the SWAT team's standard Sig Sauer MCX short barreled rifle.

The purpose of this exercise was to test and evaluate equipment that was to be issued to Civil Protection units throughout Cascadia, as well as to prepare officers from various departments for high risk raids in urban environments.

Peep that new model, guys. That's the shit, ain't it? Absolutely ecstatic with this thing. I've also got more stuff coming in, and I'm also making assets of my own now. Last night I ported my first model into Garry's Mod and I'm so excited to try and bring more in. Expect more unique props and scenes now that I can get super specific props into the game.

Love you all.


30th May 2021, 11:14 PM
is that

is that a tactical fanny pack?!
31st May 2021, 5:22 PM
Fanny pack has pocket

pocket can carry bullet

fanny pack is now friend

seriously though, I recently bought something similar to carry my pistol when I'm hiking since holsters are uncomfortable for multi mile walks as a fat man. I'm a fan of it.