Sensetive Site Exploitation

26th May 2021, 11:22 PM in Extras
Sensetive Site Exploitation
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26th May 2021, 11:22 PM

The USEC Cascadian Partner Unit (UCPU) was first notified of a Freedom safehouse by a homeless informant in the early days of the month. Reconnaissance from the ground, as well as submitted phone records from the site provided by the Cascadian Intelligence Bureau, confirmed insurgent activity at the address. CIB officials determined that the safehouse was a clean target on the morning of April 11th, and USEC personnel were dispatched at 2300 hours. Upon entry to the safehouse, callsign Ember encountered light armed resistance from the occupants of the building. On site, several OLDGOV weapons, stolen Cascadian Defense Force Type 45 rifles, and Breton manufactured Sterling submachineguns and FN Herstal FAL pattern rifles were secured by Ember following the raid. The occupants were not given time to utilize the armor they had hidden away thanks to Ember's violence of action, resulting in a decisive victory. By 2312, all hostile persons were neutralized. Injuries suffered by Ember were limited to a scraped elbow and a small fragment of shrapnel embedded in Ember 1 Bravo's left cheek (superficial, handled by in house med personell).

Intel seized from the safehouse pointed to a larger weapons smuggling operation in the province, headed by an unknown individual, internally referred to as 'Hekamatyr'. While the raid resulted in a substantial amount of actionable intelligence being secured, the identity of Hekamatyr is still unknown. CIB analysts with the Information Exploitation Unit were able to determine that Freedom's gun smuggling ring was much larger than initially thought. The ingress point is still unknown, however.

Overall, the raid was deemed a success. The data secured during this action will certainly be useful in the coming months.

Hekamatyr persists as a prominent figure in Freedom's operational heirarchy as of June 2045. Special Projects Division has been given execute authority in pursuit of HVT Hekamatyr, and the CIB's exploitation unit has been monitoring any traffic mentioning this individual since we first learned of them. Arthur Forsing, SPU, has been briefed on the standing order and Callsign Sicario remains on standby for any further orders to pursue.