USEC advisor oversees small unit tactics training with CDF soldiers.

14th Apr 2021, 10:20 PM in Extras
USEC advisor oversees small unit tactics training with CDF soldiers.
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14th Apr 2021, 10:20 PM
During a training exercise, an unnamed USEC advisor observes Cascadian Defense Force personnel as they train in a force on force scenario. OPFOR was played by Cascadian Civil Protection officers, who were also given training on movement and CQB.

USEC's input during the restructuring of the CDF has been essential in shaping their new doctrine; 5.56 AK series rifles were donated by Russia, allowing the CDF to use the vast stores of 5.56 ammunition still in its armories post war. The Ministry of Defense consulted with equipment manufacturers from Russia, as well as other Union territories. Crye uniforms were initially chosen as the prime candidate for the uniform replacement, but the Russian firm ANA beat out Crye by being cheaper. The pattern of the uniform, Multicam Tropic, was chosen to allow Cascadian soldiers to blend into the lush woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Other patterns considered were OldGov's AOR2, or woodland MARPAT, but Cascadia's MoD opted to distance themselves from the old world as much as possible.

Overall, the CDF's reformation has been met with praise from its soldiers. The men and women of the CDF feel confident in their new equipment, and are looking forward to employing it in the country's ongoing struggle against the insurgent threat.