Seizure of Contraband at SeaTac (2/06/2044)

24th Jan 2021, 12:27 AM in Extras
Seizure of Contraband at SeaTac (2/06/2044)
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24th Jan 2021, 12:27 AM
Federal Security Service (FED-SEC) is Cascadia's consolidated special police unit. Instead of specialized agencies for specific varieties of crime, Cascadia opts to utilize highly trained officers to conduct a variety of counter criminal activity. From smuggling interdiction to no knock firearm seizure warrants, FEDSEC is called in whenever the heat is too much for regular police units.

In this picture, we see FEDSEC apprehending a suspect who had attempted to board a flight to Angel City, NCR with a pound of Marijuana, somehow having slipped it past customs. A bag carrier was made aware of the contraband after smelling the material during boarding and the on site FEDSEC team responded in order to take the suspect into custody.

The identity of the officers is censored for their security.