Chap 3 Afterword

30th Oct 2020, 4:44 PM in Tradecraft
Chap 3 Afterword
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30th Oct 2020, 11:10 PM
And THANK YOU for making this!

Future dystopia would seem like a common subject of webcomics, but everyone seems to forget that tomorrow rarely comes with a bang... an ironic observation considering your highly kinetic work!
31st Oct 2020, 7:57 AM
I feel like next year will be the year of the dystopian novel/comic/movie. Writers everywhere have a plethora of stuff to draw from now and with the world being the way it is. That's how I've written most of my stuff, by just talking headiness and exaggerating the severity of the content.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of "RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES! PAY FOR THE WHOLE SEAT BUT ONLY USE THE EDGE!" bullshit but like... How am I *not* supposed to do that?

Capitol Hill in Seattle got taken over by a bunch of armed communist LARPers earlier this year, private militaries are being deployed to every conflict zone imaginable, a bunch of militiamen tried kidnapping a state official and my gun hasn't left my side since June.

I'd be wasting my time trying to think up scenarios this insane lol

I really want to see what happens with art in the coming years, I get the feeling I'll love it. We're already starting to see stuff produced that is absolutely brilliant :

Can't wait to make more! I love knowing people actually read and enjoy this thing