10th Sep 2021, 9:07 PM Updato

(this image may or may not be a spoiler for something idk yet)
Hey guys.

I'm sorry for the brief, sudden hiatus, but I had to get my mental state in order. I've been dealing with a lot of shit lately (family related mostly, I'm not entirely sure it's worth discussing here). Life is kicking my ass and I'm a weak, feeble man who breaks a lot. I took some time, got my habits under control, started exercising again and heading outside into nature more, and I'm so much happier than I was before I left. I was too obsessed with numbers, too fixated on performing well here on CF. Thing is, that shit doesn't matter. I'm doing this as a hobby, not a side hustle. I'm making no money on this (I'm actually losing money if you consider all the money I blow on models and stuff) because I like telling stories. 

Starting now, I'm gonna do things my way and I'm gonna enjoy it. Life's too short to worry about inane shit like numbers and ratings. 

24th Jun 2021, 12:30 PM Stripped is now brought to you in part by the OTH Collective! (Also me rambling about shit)

I was guided to the Ontenterhook collective by an absolute chad of a reader, and decided to see about getting my comics on the site. Well, I'm absolutely thrilled to announce today that I've joined the group and am so excited to be sharing a space with these talented creators. You'll notice the website icon/logo/link thing below my pages, and I urge all my readers to go check out the stuff hosted on there. Now Hiring and Trevor are strong choices if you're digging the tone I've got going on here. The roster of creators is absolutely top tier, I'm genuinely surprised they let a smoothbrained gun monkey like me ook around, but I'm not complaining. 

I think the sense of community is what I love most about making this comic. There's my readers, who I adore so much, that keep me motivated to post. The source art community has been supportive as hell of this project, since it's arguably the only """serious""" story being told in the form of Garry's Mod comics at this time. Hell, my favorite artists in the community are reading this and talking to me about it, so it's been great. And now I've got the folks over at OTH, who are all phenomonal content creators with years of combined experience. 

I think we're headed for good things, guys.


PC issues are a thing of the past for the forseeable future. I'm now running an absolutely overkill 32GB of RAM, I've taken my GPU completely apart and re-thermal pasted it, and have cleaned literally all excess from the hard drive. This machine will only hit 35~% of memory usage while I'm blasting characters with lamps and spawning hundreds of models. I can now outpace the engine I'm using to make my work. I literally only have to worry about the game's limitations now, so I've been a busy boy lately. Not to mention that it's chugging along in Tarkov and Arma 3 like it's no big thing at all. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about things for now and say you should expect weekly updates to proceed as long as my hilariously convoluted life doesn't get in the way. Even then, you'll probably still get an update on fridays. Because I'm always down for banging out some pics for you all. 

Tomorrow is drop day, guys. I cannot wait to post what I've got. 
21st Jun 2021, 8:11 AM Poll results in!
Votes were majority for weekly, so let's discuss what this means for the comic going forward.

Every Friday, I'll release whatever material I've made at around 6PM. This could range from a page or several pages, to a one shot lore building scene. I'd love to have more people read this comic now that I'm really confident in my abilities, so hopefully the increased uploads will bring in more folks, but that's not really my goal. Like I said before, I'm more in this for the existing readers who have been here since the early stages of it. You guys read it, and I couldn't ask for more from you all. You've all been wonderful and supportive throughout my bullshit, so I'm here to give back to you.

Expect multiple pages on Friday. Hell, expect 10+ pages this Friday. I've had a fire in my ass that's been compelling me to work on this, so you guys benefit!

Can't wait to start the scheduled updates for you all. Have a good one, guys!
20th Jun 2021, 7:07 PM This is a democracy. Your voice matters!
Unlike the United States electoral system, I pay attention to votes. 

Here's a poll where you can vote on whether or not I'll upload at my current rate, weekly, or bi-weekly. Page counts for updates will vary depending on the deadline, but I'd love to hear exactly what you're feeling. 

I'll be honest, I want you all to be as happy as possible with the frequency of updates. I know how it is to be waiting for something that's spottily updated, and I don't want that rep.

Cast your votes and make your voice heard, guys. 
12th Jun 2021, 4:54 PM Updates to the site, update on things, update update update update upasdfosdafjasdlkfjsd
I redid the layout to make it look nicer. 

oh also look at this

12th Jun 2021, 1:47 PM Pop the corks, we're back online.
"Fixed" my computer issues. It's gonna be rough until I can invest more money into my PC but for now I have 5 pages ready to go. Like I said before, though, I'm waiting on my modeler to get back to me with new stuff. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue plinking away at the little scenes that I can so I can release a decent amount of material in order to make up for all the shit that's been happening. 
10th Jun 2021, 11:00 AM My PC wants to die.
Loading models into Gmod gives me a hard crash, I keep hitting 100% disk usage just idling, I can't open Photoshop without the thing lagging itself into oblivion. I think it wants to self immolate and if I keep trying to push it, I'm going to lose all the data on the drive and that would kill my comic before it really gets off the ground. 

I hate saying this, but I have to put this comic on hiatus for a short time. At least until I can get the necessary upgrades and data transfers completed. This should take maybe a month (?) But there's no telling how long it'll take. 

I'm so sorry, guys. I wish I could work on this thing every day, since I'm absolutely hellbent on getting more material out now that I've found my stride with the artwork, but it's just gonna have to wait. 

I'll be back. But for now, I gotta go.