24th Dec 2021, 11:17 AM Gear discussion with a super niche internet comic guy
Figured I could show you guys my poverty tier gear setup so far. I plan on switching things out and adding a lot to it since it's super bare bones right now.

Kit List:
Eagle MBAV:
-IIIA Soft Armor sewn inside plate bags by previous owner.
-Eagle Industries triple mag shingle. 2x 30rd PMAG Gen 3, 1x 40rd PMAG gen 2( i dunno i got it from a buddy)
-Unknown TQ pouch from a surplus store w/ Gen 3 CAT.
-Ferro Concepts Dangler pouch that used to be my IFAK pouch until I got the other one. Now only exists to put candy and other things in.
-LBX admin pouch. Filled with an (admittedly minimal) IFAK.

Gen 4 Glock 17 w/ Polymer 80 frame. The old frame was chewed to shit by a bad stippling job so I finished out a P80 frame and stuck it on. I like the ergos a lot more than the standard glock ergos. I plan on getting a Glock 19 or Sig M18 in the future though. 

Ruger AR556 MPR 16". This is my rifle as it is right now. Ruger plastic flip up irons, a streamlight TLR1 for a weapon light, and an old, salty BFG vickers sling are all that's on this gun right now. In the future, however, this will host a 2-10 variable optic with a canted red dot, a surefire m600, a handstop or foregrip and a different MLOK handguard because this one is missing it's 12 o clock pic rail for some reason. Might be a BCM MCMR or a CMT DRT rail if I decide to bite the bullet and do a two tone color scheme. I paid below MSRP for it, and for the money I paid for it, it feels like a really good value. It's got a trigger that I actually like more than the POF race trigger I had in my old rifle, and the gun feels really solid. 

For now, this is my 'oh shit things went real tits up' setup. It's got enough on it for me to stay inside and point my rifle at my door, or to go out and souvenir a better kit if need be. I'm not worried about anything, though -so this is mostly for larping in the woods. It's minimal, like I said. 

My future plan is to strip (ha) the carrier of all its pouches and use it exclusively as a means to carry armor while I run a belt/suspenders LBE kit over top with a ruck. I've tried on kitted out AVS' and JPCs and the whole 'carry all your shit on your chest' thing really doesn't seem to appeal to me. I'm used to carrying a lot of weight on my waist and back from being fat and also being into hiking and bouldering, so I figure distributing all the kit to my beltline will be more comfortable for me in the long run. 

So when you see things in the comic that look super cool and are probably really expensive, just know that it's in there because I'm an absolute slut for cool gear and guns.  
9th Dec 2021, 9:32 PM Playlists are live!
Hey guys! Work is still handing my ass to me every day, but I've been feeling creative lately, so don't count me out yet. I've got pages being worked on as I type this. 

When working and writing these characters, I like to listen to music. Every creative probably does, but I decided to publish these playlists because I feel that they'd add texture to the world and characters.  Think of these as little audible glimpses into the minds of these characters. A lot of the music directly influenced scenes in the comic (Waiting Around to Die for the hotel scene, Mary is Mary for the scene from the end of Chapter 5 and Prayer to God for the bit after the time jump) so I thought it'd be cool to let you all in on the creative process of this whole shebang. 

Sam's Playlist is a lot like her; Contemplative, calculating and angry. From Shellac to Townes Van Zandt, the music present gives us a peek into the innermost thoughts of our ex cop turned militia fighter. Trivia time: The tattoo "FOLLOW WHAT YOU WANT" comes from the lyics to HEALTH's song "Tears", which I listened to way too much when setting up the combat scenes for this comic. It's my opinion that every gunfight should be scored by HEALTH, honestly. I know if I ended up in a 1v1 with a gun toting fanatic, my survivability would go up twentyfold if "Crusher" was playing.

Arthur's reflects his status as an eternal wanderer. No consistent patterns, no uniformity -just a smattering of non cohesive sounds that each carry a specific meaning to him. Deftones, Joy Division and Bruce Springsteen round out his playlist. I like to imagine that Arthur is a huge Springsteen fan even if he's a little bit ashamed to admit that he likes dad rock. And I mean -c'mon. Dancing in the Dark? "This Gun's For Hire"? Too perfect to pass up. This guy sings that shit to himself when he's driving to work. 

Like I said, stuff will be published this week. Maybe later in the night, but it'll be put out after work. Love you all, enjoy the tunes! 

Feel free to judge my taste in music all you want too. 
19th Nov 2021, 7:14 PM Schedule Update
We'll be switching to a bi-weekly schedule. Simply put; I have a new job that demands more time from me than my last one and I can't work on the comic as much as I'd like to. I want to continue making stuff for you all, but I know that stretching myself so thin is going to make me flip my desk.

Love you all, legit. Y'all some of the best people I've known and I don't even know you lol. Stay cool, don't touch that dial. 
9th Nov 2021, 4:49 PM I'm not dead!
But my truck is! The Freedom Movement might talk about American exceptionalism but good fucking god do American vehicles suck. In a stunning display of abject failure, ford managed to crap out the ranger and actually convince people it's worth buying. I'd be less bitter if I didn't also get bent over the table by the dealership who sold me ole shitty all those years back.  To think I was gonna buy a Maverick when I had shitty paid off. Pssh. Ford can tongue the grease out from under my fingernails. 

My next car is gonna be a Toyota Tacoma and that's the end of it. If it's good enough for middle eastern insurgents and the cartels, it's good enough for me. If I can find an old 4runner or land cruiser, I'll take em, but a 4 door Tacoma is my goal. A gun toting, tactical gear addict with a Toyota truck... How original, eh. 

I'll be back on track this weekend. You'll see a new page Friday.  New job+car shit=trouble literally dead from 3:30pm on. 

PS: If you try simping for Ford I'll track you down and move your furniture when you're out of the house. Not enough to be noticable right away, but you'll know it was me.

Peace and chicken grease
5th Oct 2021, 8:53 AM "Out east someplace. See the world."


I'm so excited to be starting this phase of the story. 
3rd Oct 2021, 12:28 AM Glamor shots of new kit for our boy.

New belt setups, new vest kits, more options for clothes, PVS 31s on a wilcox mount. The modelers provide again.

25th Sep 2021, 6:02 PM Two little things today because I've been playing with character designs

fun fact, Art's setup is based on this photo I saved eons ago. 
24th Sep 2021, 7:29 AM My buddy's about to get up to something and I figured I'd help a brother out. Like he needs my help, lol
So this fella, calls himself Kuge, has been mentioned a bunch of times in my credits. He's this modelling wizard that is steadily giving the Source Art community the best military/police models around. Recently, we were even graced by his rendition of Israeli Special Ops soldiers, pictured here:

Art by SlavOfManyGames (edited by yours truly)

Well, now mister Kuge has gotten himself into the minefield of mental turmoil that is comic making, and has launched his very own series "Bionic Body: RIse"

Kuge, like myself, is also using Garry's Mod to create this work of art. The art, the composition, it's so filmic that I feel like I gotta try even harder to make my stuff look good (which is good. friendly competition is always motivating for me).  His extensive knowlege of modelling and art makes this a real treat to read and look at. I remember him posting about the models for his two protags and being really excited to see them being used in artwork, and I gotta say that I'm impressed. The text might be a little rough in spots (with Kuge having to translate it from Mandarin, it's gonna be a tad jaggy) but overall this guy is bringing the heat with BBR.

Go ahead and give this a look if you enjoy my work at all.