What an interesting week to be sitting at this desk.

26th Feb 2022, 7:07 PM
I think it's safe to say that a lot of people are acutely aware of the developing situation in Europe. It's fucked, to put it bluntly. 

Anyway, I would like to put this out there in case I am ever mistaken for some pro russian piece of human trash for including them in my work, allow me to say that I do not think russia's actions have been warranted at all. This is a needless exercise in human misery and the human cost has been tragic and horrific. I don't wish to glorify or give any credit to the real russian federation through my work.  Seeing what they've done to the people of Ukraine, I feel as if I needed to clarify this.

War's pretty when it's on the page or on the screen, but for the people on the ground it's worse than hell. Innocents don't go to hell, but in war they're ever present and under constant threat. Those people are going through something that I as a privileged american may never have to worry about.

Consider donating to any of the numerous reputable charities and organizations who are giving aid to Ukraine. 
Click HERE to donate to the International Rescue Project.
The IRP is currently investigating the refugee situation in neighboring countries. When this has been done, they will be mobilizing to the region to assist refugees. 

Click HERE to donate to Sunflower of Peace
SoP is a charity that assembles and distributes stocked first aid kits to Civilians, Volunteers and Soldiers who need them. A lot of these will be needed in the coming days. 

Click HERE to donate to Kyiv Independent
A local news outlet based on the principles of free press and editorial independence. As a local news source, their continued work is crucial for the understanding of the conflict outside of the country. 

Click HERE to donate to the International Medical Corps.
Their website proports that they're in the country and are giving medical aid to those who need it. 

Slava Ukraini. Let's hope this conflict can reach a a less than nuclear conclusion soon. 


26th Feb 2022, 7:51 PM
Hey man, I hear you. There's much I respect about Russians and what they have contributed to the world, both culturally and technologically. But the invasion of Ukraine is the work of an out-of-control regime, and any clear-eyed professional can see that Ukrainian--and Russian--lives are being thrown away for something nebulous and maniacal. War is all hell.
27th Feb 2022, 4:51 PM
Whoohoo from Europe! I agree with you all the way; moreover, I hold the Russians in high esteem, except for suburban gang members and especially a former St. Petersburg gang member named Vlad Grozny Putin (or was it Vlad Sumasshedshiy Putin?).
3rd Mar 2022, 10:19 PM
Putin, more like bald, am i right

Nah but fr, I also hold Russians (particularly Russian musicians and artists) in pretty high regard. I think it's cruel to lump the whole of Russia in with vladdy boy. There's Russians who do good things for humanity every day, people who impact the world in a positive way -which means they're not at all like him. I just wish one of those people ran the country instead of who they've got now.