Opinions on character redesigns

29th Dec 2021, 7:34 AM
TL;DR: Is a redesign too drastic at this point in time?

I do adore Samantha's design. The tattoos (save for the butterfly one that I gave her way back) are all ones I've wanted to get, the gear is set up how I wanted it and her AK is a perfect clone of my old WASR 10. However I'm not super happy with her facial expressions. 

Her head model was made by Valve for the original Left 4 Dead, which came out in 08. It's showing its age really badly as I try to do more grounded scenes, though. I cannot get her to look sad without hitting the dead center of the uncanny valley and it bothers me. 

So here's my suggestion:

I'm gonna switch her out and use this model of Claire Redfield from the RE2 remake, but I'm gonna add new hair and stuff so there's some good variety. I'm thinking ponytail and messy bun as options, along with more insurgent/militia inspired clothing and gear.

Something like this 

Field jackets, LBE over a plate carrier, jeans and an overall less 'operator' look, since she's not really affiliated with the police anymore. Arthur is a single guy with lots of money to blow, so naturally he's gonna have gucci kit still, but Sam? She's living in the field with a volunteer militia and all her gear was turned in at the end of 5. 

Thoughts? I'd love to know what you guys think. I reckon it'd be easy enough for my guy to do. 


29th Dec 2021, 4:43 PM
If I look at her character sheet and this page https://strippedwebcomic.webcomic.ws/comics/242#content-start
with the above suggestion picture, it strikes me:
1. the Claire Redfield model is prettier and more graphically sophisticated.
2. the Claire Redfield model lacks Samantha's distinctive chin.
3. the Claire Redfield model has a different nose - not necessarily worse, but I considered the "old" nose rather characteristic.
When you cast a new actress in a role, it's always tricky. You have to decide between continuity and further development of the character.
30th Dec 2021, 6:00 AM
Hell of a thing, isn't it. I'll see if there's some other way to work around it for now because you're totally right about the chin. It'd drive me insane