Gear discussion with a super niche internet comic guy

24th Dec 2021, 11:17 AM
Figured I could show you guys my poverty tier gear setup so far. I plan on switching things out and adding a lot to it since it's super bare bones right now.

Kit List:
Eagle MBAV:
-IIIA Soft Armor sewn inside plate bags by previous owner.
-Eagle Industries triple mag shingle. 2x 30rd PMAG Gen 3, 1x 40rd PMAG gen 2( i dunno i got it from a buddy)
-Unknown TQ pouch from a surplus store w/ Gen 3 CAT.
-Ferro Concepts Dangler pouch that used to be my IFAK pouch until I got the other one. Now only exists to put candy and other things in.
-LBX admin pouch. Filled with an (admittedly minimal) IFAK.

Gen 4 Glock 17 w/ Polymer 80 frame. The old frame was chewed to shit by a bad stippling job so I finished out a P80 frame and stuck it on. I like the ergos a lot more than the standard glock ergos. I plan on getting a Glock 19 or Sig M18 in the future though. 

Ruger AR556 MPR 16". This is my rifle as it is right now. Ruger plastic flip up irons, a streamlight TLR1 for a weapon light, and an old, salty BFG vickers sling are all that's on this gun right now. In the future, however, this will host a 2-10 variable optic with a canted red dot, a surefire m600, a handstop or foregrip and a different MLOK handguard because this one is missing it's 12 o clock pic rail for some reason. Might be a BCM MCMR or a CMT DRT rail if I decide to bite the bullet and do a two tone color scheme. I paid below MSRP for it, and for the money I paid for it, it feels like a really good value. It's got a trigger that I actually like more than the POF race trigger I had in my old rifle, and the gun feels really solid. 

For now, this is my 'oh shit things went real tits up' setup. It's got enough on it for me to stay inside and point my rifle at my door, or to go out and souvenir a better kit if need be. I'm not worried about anything, though -so this is mostly for larping in the woods. It's minimal, like I said. 

My future plan is to strip (ha) the carrier of all its pouches and use it exclusively as a means to carry armor while I run a belt/suspenders LBE kit over top with a ruck. I've tried on kitted out AVS' and JPCs and the whole 'carry all your shit on your chest' thing really doesn't seem to appeal to me. I'm used to carrying a lot of weight on my waist and back from being fat and also being into hiking and bouldering, so I figure distributing all the kit to my beltline will be more comfortable for me in the long run. 

So when you see things in the comic that look super cool and are probably really expensive, just know that it's in there because I'm an absolute slut for cool gear and guns.